Howto connect OpenOffice to MS SQL server

Just had to connect to a MS SQL server that holds collected SAR statistics from our production servers.

Until now I used Toad in a virtual XP machine, but there has to be some way to connect in a graphical way from Linux too. And indeed there is!

Tools needed:

I chose JTDS, got the JAR file and copied it somehwere in the classpath. On OpenSUSE that is /usr/share/java. You can also add it in OpenOffice directly: Extras -> Options -> Java -> Classpath

Then fire up OpenOffice Base, and in the database wizard

  1. Open existing Database
  2. JDBC

The port number usually is 1433. The JDBC driver class is


Then enter the db username, in the next step enter the password, and connect.

That’s it.


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