SEO, Java & the URL-encoded Session ID

Our Homepge is written in Java using JSP/JSF and for compatibility reasons we do URL-encode a jsessionid even the client accepts cookies, and also we create a session for every visitor. This causes every link on our pages to include an ugly ;jsessionid=<very long hash>, which search engines tend to dislike.

Our new online markeing manager startet his job with the idea to use static HTML landing pages to get our plattform more search engine friendly. Now those need to be filled with resonably fresh content. We’re selling real estate, so it’s of no use to have Google index a house that just got sold yesterday. So those landing pages would need to read stuff from the database and generate fresh, static content on a daily basis.

Now if the jsessionid is the main reson for those landing pages, I’d prefer things to be done differently. Means: let’s just not deliver a session id to searchengine crawlers.

For now I stripped them using Apache’s mod_rewrite. I found the Howto here:

That guy also presented an even nicer solution: just don’t even URL-encode the session id for bots:

Thanks a lot for those articles.

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