Gentoo portage overlay

Here is some info on my personal Gentoo portage overlay.


You can browse it online via the VCS module.

To check out the whole overlay either use layman:

layman -f -o -a gimpel

or use SVN directly:

svn co


Overlay summary

Most of the ebuilds here provide bleeding edge stuff, including very latest versions and live SVN/CVS ebuilds, mainly multimedia related.

  • Avidemux 2.4 preview and SVN (2.4 branch), with optional cmake build system
  • Audacious SVN + audacious-plugins SVN
  • tovid SVN (works with wxpython-2.8 - also in the overlay)
  • Xmms2 snapshot and SVN
  • SMplayer latest and SVN
  • VLC from SVN

.. and a lot more.

Some things are maybe not correctly keyworded due to lazyness or whatever, so please take a bit care when checking out the full overlay.


The changelog can be found here.