Search for a good audio player

For a long time i’ve been a fan of simple WinAMP-style music players, and went the XMMS -> BMP -> Audacious way. Then, with my collection growing over the years, I got to like library driven players, with Amarok 1.4* being the best regarding music management capabilities.

Running KDE4 I decided to get rid of kdelibs-3 and everything depending on it, inkluding Amarok 1. So I need a new music manager/player.

This is what I tried out so far:

  • Amarok 2

Somehow it looks cool. But managing music isn’t as cool as it was with Amarok1.

  • Banshee

I couldn’t figure out how to simply drag & drop files from the file browser to the play queue

  • Listen

Looks most promising regarding the UI layout and feature set. Unfortunately the libraray can only be one single folder, and well after reading in my 32000 files, Listen was up at consuming 1.2GB RAM and crashed right away when trying to play one. (I used current SVN)

  • XMMS2 + Esperanza

if XMMS2 only had a good ALSA plugin and didn’t exhibit memory leaks after running a day….

  • MPD + Sonata

Actually this combination is just perfect. Really. I easpecially like the "browse library by filesystem" feature. This would be it, if I just could figure out how to add files from the file manager to the current playlist. Drag & drop doesn’t work.

  • Exaile

Really nice too. Tried the 0.3 branch, and I’m really looking forward to it.