SOHO Mailserver with Postfix + Postgresql + Dovecot + SpamAssassin + Roundcube

This HowTo describes my Home-Mailserver Setup. Basically this is a sum-it-all-up article from various resources on the net. 

Used Software:

  • Arch Linux OS
  • Postfix MTA
  • PostgreSQL database backend
  • Dovecot IMAP Server
  • Roundcube Webmail + Apache Webserver
  • Spamassassin junk filter
  • Server-side filtering with Sieve
  • fetchmail (for pulling all spread accounts in this one place)

Preconditions in my setup:

  • Server behind Firewall/NAT
  • Dynamic IP (No-IP Plus managed DynDNS service with MX Record etc)
  • StartSSL certificate for both Web- and Mail-Server domain
  • ISP doesn’t allow running an outgoing mail server directly, requires relaying through their mail gateway
  • Apache + PHP + Postgresql already running and working
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