Howto print text between tags or characters with awk or sed

Took me a while to figure out this one. All I wanted to do is to print the text between two tags/characters/strings.

The IMHO nicer Awk way:

$ echo "bla(foo)"|awk -F'[(|)]' '{print $2}'
$ echo "bla=@@foo@@"|awk -F'[@@|@@]' '{print $3}'

 and with sed:

$ echo "blah(foo)"|sed -n 's/.*(\([^ ]*\))/\1/p'
echo "aaafoobbb"|sed -n 's/.*aaa\([^ ]*\)bbb/\1/p'


Howto control Tomcat using wget

I just had to restart a webapp in Tomcat without stopping a second app running in the same tomcat instance.

Usually this can be done easily via the Tomcat Manager, but in this case I was not able to access the Manager due to firewall rules. Though I was able to access the server using ssh, but there was no curl installed.

Luckily wget did the trick too!

Howto import SAR data into a PostgreSQL database and create graphs in

This is a walkthrough on how to get SAR data into a database, and use to create nice graphs using a JDBC connection to that database, and SUN Report Builder to do the graphs.

In this example I will use SAR's CPU utilisation data.

Software used:

Bash pattern matching

BASH offers a nice way to replace patterns. Until now I always used basename and a variable.
For example moving all .jpeg files in a folder to .jpg (hey, it's just an example..)

for moo in *.jpeg; do
    newname="`basename $moo .jpeg`.jpg"
    mv $moo $newname

But isn't that just plain ugly? That one is lot nicer:

for i in *.jpeg; do
    mv "$i" "${i%.*}.jpg"